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Highly skilled craftsmen, 10 years of Mercedes-Benz servicing experience.
We work according to the manufacturer methods for Mercedes-Benz technical centers.
We can serve up to 11 cars at the same time.
Accurate car reception and delivery time - no queues.


To maintain satisfaction from the premium ride smoothness of your car, we recommend carrying out regular qualified diagnostics of the undercarriage and transmission in our Specialized workshop Mercedes SauberAuto.

Diagnosis of transmission and undercarriage

In order to maintain the premium level of comfort, reliability, safety and economy of your Mercedes-Benz, we recommend regular high-quality service by certified specialists and equipment of our workshop.

Scheduled maintenance

Timely care for the cleanliness and efficiency of the air conditioner greatly improves the quality of the air in your car and allows you to enjoy the trip in hot days without feeling unpleasant odor and without fear of dirty fumes.

Disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning system

Starting with the "Short Test" and up to the full "Comprehensive Computer Diagnostics" of all assembly units of your car, from Smart and Baby Benz (A, B-klasse) to ultimate luxury Maybach. Identification of all conceivable and inconceivable electronic troubles of your car by a high-quality Diagnostician will allow you to fully enjoy the unconditional comfort level of Mercedes-Benz.

Computer diagnostics

For the safe operation of a car, it is very important that its geometric dimensions are within the specified limits. This will save you from unpredictable behavior of a car in difficult road conditions and increased uneven wear of tires. Workshop Mercedes SauberAuto carries out the procedure of checking the geometry of the body according to factory standards and data using the latest professional equipment. It is recommended to perform this procedure before purchasing a car.

Measurement of body geometry

Our workshop can repair any electronic stuffing of your car. From the restoration of ABS systems (ABR and ESP), radio modules, AIRBAG (SRS), WEBASTO, head units of acoustic systems (COMAND), to the search of current leakage and elimination of causes of failure, restoration of light units, and repair of ignition locks.

Repair of electrical equipment

The engine is the heart of your car, and the best that the Mercedes SauberAuto workshop can offer to maintain its impeccable condition is to perform a quality oil service using unique Mercedes-Benz and Petronas engine oils. The progressive oil formula combined with our high-quality service guarantee: an increase of the engine life, its trouble-free and uninterrupted operation at any time and everywhere, as well as reducing fuel consumption and emissions into the atmosphere.

Oil service

Repair of power units is carried out by high-quality specialists in motor-aggregators in full, including recovery repair of the cylinder-piston group (grinding, honing, boring, linering).

Engine repair

Full availability and wide range of only quality spare parts in different price groups, coupled with highly skilled craftsmen guarantee the prompt and highly professional recovery of the suspension of your car to the factory state.

Undercarriage repair

Our workshop can perform high-quality seasonal replacement and repair of tires of any complexity, using the latest technology of Hofmann German equipment.

Tire service

Dust and moisture that enter the air conditioning system, and tobacco smoke, sweat, animals, can provoke unpleasant odors in the car. Workshop Mercedes SauberAuto solves such a problem using the professional ultrasound equipment Wynn's Aircomatic®. At the same time, smells are not masked, but are removed with preservation of a long fresh aroma.


The workshop Mercedes SauberAuto is ready to equip your car with software packages and modern technical solutions that increase the comfort and pleasure of owning your Mercedes-Benz.

Refitting. Extra equipment

Spare parts

Real beauty beyond the power of time. The Specialized workshop Mercedes SauberAuto is ready to offer you high-quality stylish accessories from the Mercedes-Benz collection, which will accompany you always and everywhere. Every day something new. Thanks to its charming design, functionality and exclusive quality. No compromises. Make a choice: the best or nothing.


The reliability and long service life of the Mercedes-Benz car can provide only original and quality analog spare parts. Each of them is developed taking into account the features of specific car models and passes numerous tests that guarantee you maximum comfort and safety, and an impeccable technical condition of your Mercedes-Benz. The workshop Mercedes SauberAuto has a warehouse with wide range of such spare parts, and also is ready to offer "contract" units, units in stock and on request.

Spare parts


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The latest HOFMANN technologies.
No queues - service by appointment.
We will deliver your tires to our
tire service and return it back
Wide range of tires available
HOFMANN Geoliner 680 3D stand
Test recommended for seasonal tire replacement
We use homologated equipment
Recommended frequency of 1 time in 2 years
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